CyberSecurity Protection Beyond
Compliance & Firewalls

DAtAnchor protects your sensitive data both before and after a breach by establishing specific “boundaries” for data access. A typical organization will employ a number of systems and protocols to mitigate risk and maintain information security, but internal threats are rising, external threats are getting more sophisticated and hackers simply don’t work within the limitations of established regulations. In the event of an inevitable breach, the one-two punch of DAtAnchor’s Anchor and Heartbeat services will automatically stop the nefarious actor, throttle speeds and access, identify the threat and, ultimately, save you from costly data loss.

Bolstering HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare providers and medical facilities do everything within their power to protect not only their patients’ sensitive information, but also their own industry-wide reputation. DAtAnchor works to further protect both in the event of an actual digital break-in. The entire process is fully automated, which eliminates human error and gives organizations greater peace of mind.

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Reinforcing GDPR Compliance &

Throughout 2018, GDPR became the information privacy standard-bearer for companies that worked with individuals in the EU. This set of consumer-protection regulations shows no signs of slowing down as American businesses begin to adopt many GDPR best practices. However, risk mitigation for sensitive financial and law information isn’t enough. DAtAnchor acts as an additional safety net to fortify your cybersecurity infrastructure.

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DAtAnchor for Files & Storage

Businesses handle copious amounts of digital information on a daily basis. But do they know exactly where that data is stored, how it is being accessed, who has access to it, what level of access these individuals have and what is done with the information once it has been obtained? DAtAnchor gives organizations this insight, along with full control and greater encryption capabilities for all files that may be transferred or stored.

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DAtAnchor Technical Support

Take a look at our Technical Support page for in-depth tutorials and other resources that will help you fully understand the DAtAnchor cybersecurity solution. Not sure if you’re getting the most out of DAtAnchor? You can ask us a technical question there.

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