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Protecting Against Costly Breaches in a Variety of Industries

While DAtAnchor is designed to help an organization reach both HIPAA and GDPR compliance, this solution also helps bolster cybersecurity on a greater level by acting as an automated, extra layer of defense, further protecting your sensitive data. DAtAnchor has a number of practical uses in the workplace, but we have narrowed down the industries that are best suited for our multi-layer data loss mitigation system.

Compliance for Healthcare Facilities & Doctors Offices

As a medical facility or healthcare provider, it’s not just your patients’ information that’s on the line – your reputation is also reliant on how well you protect yourself. A costly HIPAA breach could expose your client base to an external threat, resulting in long-term damages to your industry standing and financial costs that could pose a permanently damaging risk to your practice.

DAtAnchor works seamlessly with your existing information privacy controls and reinforces those protections. The Breach Notification Rule and The Security Rule are excellent at mitigating risk, but they’re not perfect. Hackers are getting smarter, inside threats are rising and breaches can be inevitable. Our solution is that extra piece that stops the external threat from getting what it wants – even if it has already penetrated your network.

Compliance for Financial Firms & Agencies

In 2018, GDPR was top of mind for just about every organization that had business with those in the European Union. The regulation was put in place as a means of further protecting the private information of digital users – and it’s only a matter of time before the regulation makes its way across the U.S.

Financial agencies store a wealth of sensitive data, from tax information, to social security numbers, to payment methods and more. This is a hacker’s dream destination. Your organization may have all the controls and cybersecurity in the world to help prevent an attack, but these nefarious actors are always learning new ways to break down the walls and breach your systems. This is where DAtAnchor comes in. DAtAnchor allows you to establish specific data access boundaries, including rules such as: user must be on company WiFi, only these established users can obtain this information, etc. If a user leaves those boundaries, their access is revoked. This solution gives an organization hyper-granular control and tracking capabilities on whatever pieces of data they wish to protect.

Compliance for Law Firms

As a law firm, you have a unique ethical responsibility to uphold the confidentiality of each of your clients. On top of this, you have your own proprietary systems and internal information you simply don’t want leaked to an egregious actor. DAtAnchor not only helps to protect your data in the event of a breach with our Anchor and Heartbeat services, but it also helps instill even greater confidence in your clients and peace of mind within your firm just by having this data loss mitigation system in place.

Remember: Even if your access credentials have been compromised, that doesn’t always mean data loss.

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