DAtAnchor for Files

Encryption & Cybersecurity Protection When Uploading, Downloading & Storing Files

Many businesses constantly work with regulated data which requires tight security and a specific level of compliance. It’s critical to manage who accesses your data and where they access the data from, while also controlling what they can do with the data and protecting the data wherever it travels next. With DAtAnchor, you can provide strong encryption, cybersecurity and various types/levels of access controls through its unique context management engine thereby gaining full control of your data. DAtAnchor automates your data and information governance.

What You Get With DAtAnchor for Files

  • One-click whitelisting & blacklisting of applications which can access your data
  • Simple-to-use user interface for greater management of files
  • Routine audit reports for regulatory compliance
  • Granular access logs for files & intuitive analytics for monitoring
  • Access revocation even after data is consumed or still in consumption
  • Automatic access revocation once data is out-of-context
  • Policy creation for authorized users using Active Directory
  • Strong AES 256-bit encryption to any file to ensure sensitive data can’t be accessed by unknown parties
  • Internal & external data sharing without the worry of external threats to security

Seamless Integration With Your Current Systems

DAtAnchor exists to make your life easier and more secure. To make this happen, we specifically designed the product to integrate with the most popular platforms and storage applications. This solution easily integrates with Dropbox, Box, Backblaze, OneDrive, pCloud, email platforms and more.

Get Started

Egnyte Connect

We partner with Egnyte to provide full control of files stored and shared on Egnyte cloud.

Check out our video here to see how you can use DAtAnchor for Egnyte Connect effortlessly.

> DAtAnchor For Egnyte Connect

What Types of Files Can Be Protected:

Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations, spreadsheets & other Office documents

  • PDFs
  • Sensitive .EXE files
  • Audio & video files
  • Virtually any other type of file

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