About Us

DAtAnchor: Dedicated to Protecting Your Data & Reputation During a Breach

DAtAnchor is a result of a multi-year research activity developed at Ohio State University. Our current development team is made up of six members – and four of those members are full-time. We have seed level funding and an advisory board with members at the senior vice president level in Fortune 500 companies.

Our Investors

C. Emre Koksal, PhD

Founder and CEO
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Hari V. Indukuri

Co-Founder and Chief Architect
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Mike Hughes

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Bill Baumel

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You will truly experience the vibrant startup environment, yet benefit from the possibilities of the corporation. We are an early-stage technology. Therefore, we expect our developers to shape the product as opposed to merely follow the routines of the development of a narrow and well-defined task. DAtAnchor provides visa support for foreign citizens who share our entrepreneurial spirit.

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What Does DAtAnchor Do?

DAtAnchor develops novel crypto-technology that uniquely anchors the data consumption within the network boundaries, serving as a backstop against inevitable breaches. It provides a secure gateway to access the files in the cloud and the database, with the added ability to revoke and control physical access, enabling efficient and automated data governance.

DAtAnchor is truly an alternative to traditional data security systems and protocols. Our technology establishes access boundaries, “anchors” information to a single location and allows for greater cybersecurity, making it even harder for both internal and external threats to compromise access. The entire process is automated, thus mitigating the risk of human error and giving organizations greater peace of mind.